About our studio

Constructed in 1911 as a picture house, our unique facilities offer both space and character.

Our ground floor studio occupies the former cinema’s auditorium. The large ground floor studio has a roll door directly from the street for drive in access. Our facilities include a white infinity cove with floating ceiling, a shooting wall and pre-lit 6.5m x 5m Green screen CYC. The studio can accommodate big shoots with ease, and the studio's kitchen and rest area will give clients space to work and connect to fast broadband. Along with studio space we can provide lighting for both still photography or video shoots. We have the very latest Arri LED SkyPanels, HMI, Kinoflows & Tungsten, or for stills we can provide Elinchrom strobes including the new ELC high speed heads, or large parabolic light modifiers for fashion shooting. Click here for our hire rates and additional facilities.

In addition to the facilities below, you’ll have access to: -

  • Our reception area and meeting room can be booked on request
  • Kitchen area, client rest area, and free fast Wi-Fi
  • Lunches can be delivered in for clients & crew
  • Clothes steamers, full length mirrors and changing rooms


Full day

8:30AM - 5:30PM

Half day

4 hours


Per additional hour

We offer a 10% student discount on any photography studio hire, all we need is a proof of a valid Student ID on full day rentals.

All costs are subject to VAT.


Large Infinity Cove

Infinity cove

Our infinity cove is maintained to a high standard. 

Measuring 6 metres deep x 7.5 metres wide x 5 metres high, it's an ideal space for large groups, fashion shoots, or anything requiring a big clean white space.

We can pre-light the cove using the floating ceiling to achieve a very even spread of light right across the CYC. This can be done for both stills and video shoots.

For video shooting, the lighting can be either daylight or tungsten balance - just tell us which you prefer!

Green Screen Photo Shoot

Green screen

Large 6.5m x 5m Green Screen installation which is pre-lit from 5 banks of overhead lighting. 

Perfect solution for videos requiring background elimination.

We can pre-light the green screen and, if required, assist you during your shoot with a complete lighting solution. Tell us what you need and we'll be able to help.

We pride ourselves on having one of the most evenly lit green screens, which will make editing much easier.

Fully Fitted Movable Kitchen Set

Fitted kitchen

Our modern fitted kitchen includes a range of functional appliances and a false window for realistic lighting. 

We designed our kitchen in mind that it could be used as a backdrop for food shoots. The centre island is completely movable and other surfaces can be used.

We can also build sets to your specification. We have previously supplied lounge/living room sets complete with flooring, windows and wallpapered flats. Find out more about our set build experience here.

Changing Room With Full Length Mirror

Changing room

Our studio has its own changing room with a full height mirror and space for a make up artist or stylist to work with models.

Roll Door for Vehicle Access

Roll door

Automotive photography and large deliveries are made simple by the large roll door providing vehicle access from the street.

Shooting Wall

Shooting wall

If your shoot doesn't need a full set build, our permanent shooting wall is a great alternative and can easily be redecorated.


Technical specifications

Studio Layout and Dimensions

Studio dimensions

Studio: 10m (d) x 15m (w)

Infinity cove
6m (d) x 7.5m (w) x 3.7m (h)
Floating ceiling
6m (d) x 7.5m (w)
Roll door
3.4m (w) x 3.3m (h)

Photography Studio Specs Download

Photography Studio Specs Download


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