Studio Rates with Green Screen

Full day

8:30AM - 5:30PM

Half day

4 hours


Per additional hour

All costs are subject to VAT  -  We offer discounts to students

We can supply a package cost which would include rental of the studio along with full lighting for the Green Screen and front lighting the talent or set, a gaffer would be supplied for help with set up and throughout the shoot if required

Studio Green Screen Cyc

Our large Green Screen cove is a professionally made solution. 

The Green Screen is actually stored “flown” in our studios, using 3 large motors we are able to lower and rig for a green screen shoot. The flooring and joining sections are stored but can be efficiently assembled, this all takes around 1 - 2 hours which we will do in advance of any shoot.

The advantage of storing our green screen does mean that when its needed its in great condition!, exactly what’s needed for a shoot where the background needs to be perfectly even. Due to the frame assembly and the fabric being always under tension the screen is perfectly flat with no creases again a real help with obtaining a good Chroma Key.

We have 5 overhead lamps supplied by Photon Beard, these lamps are designed for evenly illuminating the cyclorama, they each have a Cyc hood which helps to give even illumination across the wall of the Green Screen, these lamps are fitted with 3200k tubes ensuring a perfect colour balance when matched with either Tungsten front lights or BiColour LED.

Along with studio rental we are able to supply the green screen pre-lit, we test the evenness prior to every shoot which will save time in post editing and give a more “natural” chroma key.

Lighting for the “talent” or props can be supplied and tailored for each shoot, we can assist with lighting and a gaffer can be provided for a few hours or throughout the shoot.

Usual lighting supplied for video shoots would be Arri SkyPanels, Sumo Spacelight, Kinoflo, both the 4 bank 4ft Tegra’s and the new FreeStyle LED along with suitable diffusion, soft-boxes, trace frames, Polyboards and fulll light control with studio flags.

Our Green Screen measures 6.5 metres wide with a return wall of 4.9M (the radius corner is 1.5M) the height is 3.5M

The full Green Screen Cyc is positioned within our main studio with plenty of space all around (and above) for rigging lighting. The camera can be positioned 7 meters or more away from the cove which is ideal for a longer lens and a more natural angle.

Our "flown" Green Screen being prepared ready for a shoot


Full dimentions of our Green Screen cyclorama