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A spacious changing area makes our studio well equipped for fashion work.

If your project involves a group of models or requires props or sets it's perfectly suited to our studio. Racks of clothing can easily be brought in through the roll door.



Our modern fitted kitchen is fully functional for food preparation, and stylish enough to appear on camera.

For shoots where food is to be photographed away from the kitchen setting, our studio's kitchen is only a few meters away from the infinity cove and shooting wall.



From small pack shots to full scale set builds and automotive photography, our studio can provide a solution to show off your product in any setting.

With its infinity cove our studio is suitable for even the largest, most demanding shoots. There is vehicular access for directly unloading large or heavy goods through the roll door.


Music & Personalities

Our flexible studio provides an excellent backdrop for any artist or performer.

Our studio's infinity cove allows your act to shine against a perfect backdrop.