Rental Equipment


A rental house on the South Coast!

We have lighting from the leading manufacturers, Arri, Kinoflo, Dedolight, Aladdin, Sumolight,  and K5600. Download our equipment lists which are completely up to-date, if your not sure what you need contact us and we can discuss your shoot or we'll arrange to demo our kit, we have years of experience in commerical and film shoots. We can supply one lamp, or a van load for large film shoots.

Our lists include: Continuous Lighting, Stands, Grip & Electric, Strobe Lighting, Camera Supports and Rigs, or Textiles, Scrims and Flags. All kit is in fully serviced condition & PAT tested.

Our most popular rental kit is the Arri M-series HMI, Arri SkyPanels which are high CRI LED with colour range between 2600k and 10,000k, Kinoflo 4 bank Tegra's are very popular and we have new Kinoflo FreeStyle 21's.

Working on location without mains?, we have a choice of powerful LED with high capacity battery solutions for all day shooting in the field.


Some of our equipment checked and ready for a recent rental.

Arri Professional Lights


Continuous lighting

Camera sliders, rigs, dollies and jibs

Stands, grip & electric

Textiles, scrims, flags, floppies & blackout

Strobe lighting

As a experienced gaffer with many years working of commercial and film shoots I'm always happy to discuss your project and offer advice on a suitable lighting solution, often my clients save money on taking "just in case" equipment that doesn't get used, give me a call and we can work out the perfect lighting package even if its just one lamp and a reflector!

We offer full Daylight packages, Arri HMI, Kinoflo, Aladdin, Sumo and K5600 Jokers.

We offer full Tungsten packages, Arri Fresnels, Kinoflow, Aladdin, Sumo, all LED's are BiColour.

Just send us a list of kit you need and we'll be back with a quote or if you need advise then call us or arrange to visit our studio for demonstrations on the latest equipment.


We do our best to make hiring kit from us a simple process, we will need proof of ID a deposit based on the value of the equipment and "hired in goods" insurance cover for your shoot. We can help guide you through this simple process.

Lighting & Grip insurance

Please check that you have "hired in goods" insurance cover. This can be added to your existing insurance policy and it often the cheapest route. If you don't have insurance cover in place, our preferred insurance company for short term equipment cover is Lark. Lark offer a cover package called Performance Film & Media Insurance. It's easy to set up online and cover can be arranged for just one day or a short period. Please use the link below or call Gareth Graham direct on 020 8256 4929.