Equipment rental

Whether for photographic or film shoots, we have a wealth of kit available for daily hire, including lighting, grip and camera movement solutions.

We have been adding more photo equipment to our ever expanding rental department. We have both flash and continuous lighting options. For stills photographers, we have the latest Elinchrom gear, including the new ELC high-speed heads. For videographers, we have everything from ultra bright Arri HMI lamps with high-speed ballast, to the latest LEDs - including Arri SkyPanels, Sumolight and Aladdin panels.

LED lighting has completely changed how we all tackle studio and location shoots. The advantages include low power use, which gives the benefit of being able to use bright panels powered off V-mount batteries. We have enough batteries available to shoot all day long! The range of LED lighting we have available includes super bright Arri S-60, light and portable Aladdin & Sumolight panels, through to Bi-Color Dedo kits. All these can be run to match both tungsten or daylight and anything in between. Along with the colour options, the lamps can all be dimmed without any changes to the colour output. It's easy to see why LED solutions are so popular and these lamps are out on hire every week!

Along with lighting and grip, we also rent camera sliders with motorised heads, camera track and dollies.

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