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Our Bournemouth based studio has all of the equipment you need as well as highly experienced staff, to create and deliver professional video and photography content.

We have a large, well maintained studio packed full of the latest filming "toys"  from camera tracks, to motorised jibs and the latest LED & HMI lighting. Your next project will benefit from both our facilities and our passion to deliver quality content, all within a budget!.

The Space

Our studio features a large, white infinity cove that's big enough to accommodate car shoots, but is equally suitable for product photography, groups of people, or anything requiring a clean white space. We also have huge green screen backdrop with fully balanced lighting for the perfect "key".

Large White Infinity Cove

Large White Infinity Cove


We have lots of equipment available, all of which we keep in-house, not hired in. Our investment should seriously help photography content. Recently, we were able to provide a local production company with everything from studio monitor, full studio lighting, camera track, dolly and more, which could be a huge saving compared to a London rental house.

Our latest investment is a robust dolly mounted Jib. This can shoot from low to high, with complete remote control over the camera head, making it perfect for mid-weight cameras, Sony FS-7, Canon C200 and similar equipment. See our video which shows our Libec Swift Dolly in action!

'Our kit is completely up to date and will delight both photographers and videographers!'

What our clients say

Feedback from photographers and production companies who have hired our studio would suggest that we're better equipped than many a London studio. Our kit is completely up to date and will delight photographers and videographers! Warning - the following images will only be of interest to techy geeks only!

Get in touch

To find out more about our studio, our equipment, or to book, call 01202 302 393 or email us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Andy Cahill