Cycling video for LoveLove Films

Recently our main studios hosted filming for Cycling UK's Bike Week advert, produced by LoveLove Films..

Using our large purpose built green screen Cyc, all the live action of cyclists on their bikes was filmed. This was then combined with animation to produce a lovely 40 second advert.

Prior to the shoot day we needed to have a safe way for bikes to be fixed securely onto a rolling cycle trainer. The riders needed to be completely safe, even if they took their hands off the bike! ProStudioHire worked with LoveLove Films to devise a strong secure fixing, which had to be clear of the handlebars so the bikes could cut away from the background. The riders needed to feel safe, the wheels needed to turn normally and all of this had to be easily "keyed" away from the green screen background. In the end, the solution was scaffold tubes fixed between two large wheeled double-windup stands. A cycle carry bracket was welded onto the scaffold clamps, and after some more testing, we had a solution!

We often hear comments from clients saying, "is there anything you can't solve"? This one was a real challenge, but we fixed it and the filming commenced...

LoveLove Films shot a behind the scenes video during the shoot which can be seen here:

We've had some very positive feedback after the shoot. It was great to be so involved with the pre-production tests and on the shoot day, delivering the full green screen solution with full lighting for 2 sets. We look forward to the next challenge!

The finished Cycling UK Video can be seen below. Thanks to LoveLove Films, and we hope to see you again very soon!

Andy Cahill